Atlantis Diving Blog reasons to go scuba diving in CuracaoHave you ever heard of Curacao? Check out here why you should go scuba diving there!2017-06-26T07:29:00-07:00e9b04388-144c-4a27-83e0-eaecdc99beab REVIEWS"scuba diving with the best"2017-01-25T08:15:00-08:008d194885-08fc-4099-880d-61bec1e8ec9d Scubapro regulators are madeEver wondered how your regulator is made?2016-12-28T08:19:00-08:001e6dea00-8268-4153-81be-8088904ee474 celebrates!PADI is celebrating 25 million certifications!2016-11-26T06:42:00-08:0051dfeff8-b1cf-486d-84a6-1bce273f2aef are very harmful to our reefs!7 Lionfish facts you should know about2016-10-14T07:05:00-07:000572d718-4aef-4516-92d1-0e425ce9ba59 more about Porch Director ZeppOur Caribbean pet shop; the dynamic duo2016-10-07T08:01:00-07:00595a451a-4975-4baf-b3fa-c5122438f66e Celebration: 25 years of Atlantis DivingWe have a BIG celebration coming up!2016-08-31T12:09:00-07:00d042d686-0e27-462a-bb7e-d0faccb55f9d ThoughtsStarting your day with diving in clear blue, warm water.2016-08-04T12:51:00-07:0051b37a26-1ed3-480e-a14c-eb8affb0e510 you all!We received an award!2016-07-14T10:26:00-07:00e22d46c2-8383-4a6e-b850-279a6b2ac056 BeginningsHere is some big news! As of July 2016 Atlantis Diving takes on a new course as diving center and is no longer affiliated with Atlantis Apartments. The time is right to bring the focus back to our main business: scuba diving. 2016-07-11T17:50:00-07:00