Let us take you to one of the best kept secrets in Curacao!

San Juan is a private plantation and has a number of pristine beaches and reefs.  Shon Mosa and Manzaliña are the main two beaches. There are no facilities at this location, Curacao nature at its best!

Diving at these locations is easy, the small sandy beaches with the reefs close by. You dive along a very gradual slope, at some places even horizontal with an abundance of Yellow Boring Sponge and a lot of other different corals and sponges.  At this dive site the chances are high  to spot Ray's , Moray Eels and  Porcupines.

In between the dives we'll treat you to a "local" beach BBQ, after which we are ready for the second dive!

Book this adventure and learn more about the plantation and the island itself! And enjoy the pristine beaches and reefs.

Duration trip:

  • 9 am - 4   pm 
  • 2-tank dive


  • US $ 117  per person excl. rental equipment
  • US $ 140 per person incl. rental equipment
  • US$ 40 for non divers
  • US$ 50  for non divers incl. snorkel equipment
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