After we get all our gear ready, we  head  to Playa Kalki for our first dive of the day. This scenic 45 minute ride will take you through the beautiful green  part of Curacao. 

Playa Kalki  is a very popular dive site at Westpunt, and is also known as "Alice in Wonderland". It is a cozy beach with pristine reefs.  The reef is close to shore and coral density is high. The reef has a lot of height differences which creates large formations with plenty of holes and crevices to explore. Hover along  and enjoy the stunning view of this sumptuous reef.  Try finding seahorses here!

After our fist dive we drive to  Shete Boca National Park. The park is at the north side of the island where continuous pounding of the waves created inlet’s called Boka’s. This is an amazing natural site and when the wind and seas are right, create impressive water shows as the waves hit the wall of rocks and shoot high into the air. The best and most spectacular is  Boka Tabla where unpredictable waves crush against an underground cave. You have time to stroll around, be impressed by nature  and lots of opportunities for beautiful and exhilarating photos.

On the scenic picnic side we brief you about the turtles who are waiting for us at the second dive, which will be at Playa Piskado,   a tiny fisherman's beach. The reef is full of Mushroom shaped coral formations which formed a lot of holes for Lobster and Green Moray eels to hide, but the main attraction here are the Turtles. In the afternoon they come to  the shallow sandy bay to feed. The shallow depth of 3m/9ft, white sand bottom and the sun makes perfect circumstances for pictures of  this  Turtle show.

After the  dives there is time to relax and enjoy an afternoon beer.  You will be back at the ship between 4.30 and 5 pm.

Prices are including lunch, drinks, tanks, weights, transport, entrance fees fun and tax.


  • Dive trip  excl. rental equipment US$ 127
  • Dive trip incl. rental equipment US$ 150 
  • Snorkel trip excl. rental equipment US$ 40
  • Snorkel trip incl. rental equipment US$ 50
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