Barracuda point is located on the south west side  of the entrance to the Spanish Water. At this corner the drop off is at 3m depth. There is lots of Yellow Finger coral and large  colonies of Brain coral. The  reef has a steep drop, where Star corals are the main reef builders.There is a shallow platform  that varies  in depth from 7 - 15 m, which gives perfect opportunities for wide angle photography.

The dive centers own reef, Atlantis Coral Garden, has a shallow plateau with a lot of beautiful coral and fish. The reef is full of Brain Coral, Star Coral and big Pillar Corals, Sea Fans are also common in this area. A small cave at 12m/36ft makes a good hiding place for Lobsters and all kind off Shrimps. Seahorses, Barracuda’s and Turtles are common as well.  Come see this truly   hidden treasure at our doorstep!

Duration trip:

  • 9 am - 2 pm (without lunch, we do bring  water and a small snack)
  • 2-tank dive

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