Looking for an Old Timer?   Go visit   the Carpile, it's      for car enthusiasts and wreck lovers alike. Put atop a damaged part of reef in the 1960’s, in an effort to create an artificial reef, the Carpile is gradually being reclaimed by the sea and forms a beautiful reef. You’ll find not only cars but also trucks and construction equipment. After 15 minutes in the dive you stumble on this underwater junkyard.  It runs from 15m/45ft till below 40m/130ft, in the deeper part you will find the car wrecks. 

Let us bring you to this special underwater showroom!

 Fishermans Wharf  is the hidden treasure of Curacao.  The reef is of a superb quality, full of Barrel  Sponges  grown to over 2m/6ft in diameter, lots of Brain Corral and a densely covered shallow area to prolong your dive time. When you dive here, you are reminded why you picked up diving. Just hoover and enjoy being under water right in the middle of this stunning landscape.

Duration trip:

  • 9 am - 2 pm (without lunch, we do bring  water and a small snack)
  • 2-tank dive

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