Site information:

With loads of fish circling the wreck, it's perfect for divers and snorkelers. The dive spot is sheltered from the elements so the dive conditions are near perfect. The wreck of Tugboat sits upright at 5m/15feet on the southern point at the Caracas Bay peninsula. During the years the wreck became fully covered with many different Coral formations and colorful Sponges.  The wreck, the small wall and a lush reef combined with plenty of fish make this a thrilling dive.

Directors bay     formally a private beach for the Directors of Shell and lying on the tip of Caracas Bay Island, is now the most diverse  dive site on  this side of the Island. After ascending a small stair there’s a beautiful natural beach with crystal clear water. The reef starts 5 meters from shore and has a wall covered with Sea Rods, Sea Fans, Tube Sponges and Star Coral. In the deeper part the Black Coral and Elephant Ear Sponges dominate the wall. On top of this you'll find an abundance of  fish like Sergeant Majors, Seahorses and schools of Jack's. 

Come with us to the 2 best dive sites on this side of the island!

Duration trip:

  • 9 am - 2 pm (without lunch, we do bring  water and a small  snack)
  • 2-tank dive
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