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07 October 2016

Our Caribbean pet shop; the dynamic duo

Ever since Pantera was a kitten, she has been visiting  Atlantis Diving now and then. Don't be fooled by her furry appearance, she's obviously conspiring to take over the world. This is, for what I've read on the internet, a plausible explanation for her " angry face". She decides whenever you need to give her attention and then, without warning, she decides when she had enough.  Working when Pantera is around is impossible. Your keyboard is obviously a hot spot, but leave it up to her to find any other available spot to keep you from doing your work. And soft as we are, we let her.

Of course Zepp does not really appreciate a cat running around his dive shop. He is after all the Porch Director, and that is a job not to be taken lightly. A porch director is responsible for welcoming guests, preferably as loud as possible. They have to dive after all, and it helps if they are awake. As long as they are our guests he will entertain them, if they like it or not. Zepp takes his job very serious, no peace and quiet for us while we drink our first zip of coffee. Numerous #Zelphies have been made and  have appeared on the internet. He is a self made parrot, and proud of it.