Coral Restoration Foundation

Since 2017  Atlantis Diving is a proud partner of the Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao. The Foundation started in May 2014 there are more than 2000 coral out planted on the Curaçao reefs, and the aim is to double this number by May 2018. The Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao has so far 20 nursery trees and we, Atlantis Diving, have added 6 additional trees on our own house reef. Maintaining, out planting and monitoring is time and money consuming, but also a very rewarding process. Time is invested by local volunteers, schools, dive shops and (tourist) divers.


Why are coral reefs important?

Coral reefs cover only 0.2% of oceans but are home and breeding ground for 25% of all marine life and produce 70-80% of the Earth oxygen. They also provide source for medicine, land protection, food and tourism, providing livelihood for 500M people and income over $30bn.


Coral reef are dying at an unprecedented pace 

With global warming, ocean temperature has risen and triggered coral bleaching. The stressed coral eventually dies. Since 2015 we are observing the 3rd global bleaching event (in 2016, 29% of the Great Barrier Reef died). Plastic and chemical pollution are also threatening this fragile ecosystem.


What will the money be used for?

- Material to create the coral nursery trees (metal and monofilament) and replant coral onto the reef (epoxy, nails, rebar)

- Fund volunteer program to help hands-on with coral restoration

- Hire a full time employee


What can we do?

- Surveying coral reefs to understand and document the change

- Restoring reefs: “fragging” pieces of healthy coral, growing them in a nursery & transplanting them to a reef

- Raising awareness with local communities and general public

- Encourage eco-friendly habits, such as using less plastic and bio-degradable sunscreen

- Continue research and advocacy 


What can you do?

Help out in our nursery or become a sponsor.

  • USD 20,- Coral Friend - Dive with us on the nursery and receive a tag.
  • USD 50,- Coral parent - Adopt a coral that will grow in the nursery and once matured, will be out planted on the reef. Receive a certification of appreciation and receive a digital image of your coral.
  • USD 100,- Coral Family - Coral parent + quarterly updates of the project and quarterly pictures of the growth
  • USD 500,- Coral Boss - Coral Family + thank you letter of appreciation. Adoption of a control coral and name in the Atlantis shop and website.
  • USD 1000,- Coral Master - Adoption of a tree, receive quarterly updates of the project. Quarterly pictures of the tree and thank you letter of appreciation. Name in the Atlantis shop and website.
  • USD 5000,- Coral Sponsor - Restoration sponsor. Name, logo and link on the CRF website 


What are nurseries?

The coral nurseries are rows of “trees” (PVC trunks with fiberglass rods running through the trunk) that are tethered to the bottom with sand anchors and buoyed with floats that sit just below the surface. This allows for free movement within the water and dissipates wave energy, preventing damage to the tree structure or corals. Each tree holds a unique genetic strain of coral (genotype), and a full tree can hold anywhere from 100 to 160 corals.

One of the primary benefits of coral nursery areas is the care provided to growing corals. Husbandry activities and maintenance of nursery sites are critical to maximizing coral health and minimizing incidence of disease, predation, breakage, and other damaging factors.