Adventurous Lionfish Hunt

Join one of our guided 2-tank dive trips and go on the hunt for Lionfish! Experience the thrill of spotting the Lionfish and to catch it.

The Lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean Sea and has no natural enemies here.
The instructor will explain exactly what you need to do and what to watch out for. The Lionfish has poisonous spines and releases venom when the top end of the spines come in contact with something. If this is you, it can be a painful experience. The Zookeeper is a device to put the caught Lionfish in, without having to come near the fish with your hands.
We also bring a special Lionfish aid kit, just in case anything happens.


  • In combination with any guided dive
  • For certified divers


  • 9 am - 2 pm


  • US$ 32  for the rental Lionfish shooting kit (on top of the trip price)