Upcycled wetsuits

We all have that one old wetsuit lying in a box at the back of our shed. You know the one: faded fabric, holes in the knees… Spiders have moved in and the stitching looks like it wants to move out. Yet you can’t throw it away, because the neoprene can be damaging to the environment if destroyed.

At Atlantis Diving Curacao, we decided to give these old wetsuits a second chance. The strong, partially water resistant neoprene is the perfect material for shoulder bags, pouches, backpacks, and even cup holders! Every part of a wetsuit can be used, even the zipper. The result is a line of not only highly durable but also fashionable bags. Bags you can wear in confidence, knowing you are helping the environment, one upcycled wetsuit at a time.

And the best thing....they are for sale in our shop!