5 reasons to go scuba diving in Curacao

26 juni 2017

Scuba diving in Curacao

Curacao is a Lesser Antilles island country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It's located approximately 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela in the Southern Caribbean sea and is located in between Bonaire and Aruba. It's the larger island of the three, the capitol is Willemstad, and has a lot to offer to anyone that visits the island. And we're talking above and below the surface! More divers are familiar with diving Bonaire, because the island has been actively promoting scuba diving since the early 60's. Curacao is a little less known as scuba diving destination, but scuba diving there is definitely just as good or maybe better. It's even easy to get to, with daily flights in from Miami and twice a week from New York.

The ABC islands, Lesser Antilles

Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely go scuba diving in Curacao:

  1. Year round scuba diving.

    With water temperatures between 79F (26C) and 84F (29C) you'll feel like a fish in the water. With these temperatures a wetsuit is optional, a rash guard with swim shorts is sufficient for most scuba divers. A 3mm shorty wetsuit is the warmer option and if you really get cold easily, a 3 mm long suits will be more than enough.

  2. Over 85 dive sites.

    You can dive the complete south side of the island, from east to west. At most dive sites you can dive the left and the right side, which is amazing. Because of how the island is formed under water, the reefs are very close to shore, which makes it perfect for shore diving. At most dive sites you easily walk in and after a short swim you're on top of the reef. Take your dive buddy with you, rent some tanks and weights and go explore the under water world together! Curacao is one of the three locations in the Caribbean where the coral density is still growing. This is on Eastpoint and there is no possibility to get to on land. The only option to get there is with a boat. 

  3. Incredible visibility.

    Who wouldn't be happy with 70ft visibility while your scuba diving? Is that even a question? The circumstances are so calm that on some days the visibility is even a 100ft! With great reefs and marine life, there is really nothing that isn't great for scuba diving.
    Bring your camera, because chances are that you'll make the picture of a lifetime.

  4. Great reefs and marine life

    This is better explained in the pictures.

  5. The overall climate.

    The monthly average  is 250 in sun hours and the average year round temperature is 85F (29C). So if you do get cold, sit out in the sun a little bit and you'll be warm in no time. There are a lot of awesome beaches to dive from and to relax on. A lot of them have all the facilities you need, others are public beaches that take you back to nature.