Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao

10 april 2018

For over 25 years now, Atlantis Diving Curacao has been committed to providing an excellent experience and a high level of customer service to all our guests, whether it be scuba diving or snorkeling when visiting Curacao.  Because of this commitment and our unending dedication to sustainable tourism efforts, we are pleased to announce that Atlantis Diving Curacao has officially partnered with the Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao.

The main objectives of this program are the restoration of our shallow water reef system, educating the community (the youth in particular) and protecting and preserving Curacao’s natural ecosystem. 

In addition to our house reef already being adopted through the CHATA Dive Task Force - Project AWARE adopt a dive site initiative, now it is coral restoration nursery, home to 6 coral trees housing approximately 250 coral fragments of staghorn that will soon be out-planted onto the beautiful fringing reef system that encompasses Curacao.

“The Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao has so far 20 nursery trees and we, Atlantis Diving, have added 6 additional trees on our own house reef. Maintaining, out planting and monitoring is time and money consuming, but also a very rewarding process. Time is invested by local volunteers, schools, dive shops and (tourist) divers.” Says Ruud de Loos, Managing Director, Atlantis Diving Curacao

The coral nurseries are rows of “trees” (PVC trunks with fiberglass rods running through the trunk) that are tethered to the bottom with sand anchors and buoyed with floats that sit just below the surface. This allows for free movement within the water and dissipates wave energy, preventing damage to the tree structure or corals. Each tree holds a unique genetic strain of coral (genotype), and a full tree can hold anywhere from 80 to 100 corals.

One of the primary benefits of coral nursery areas is the care provided to growing corals. Husbandry activities and maintenance of nursery sites are critical to maximizing coral health and minimizing incidence of disease, predation, breakage, and other damaging factors.

By supporting valuable and sustainable coral reef initiatives, we believe we are reaffirming our commitment not only to our customers but also to island of Curacao so that future generations may benefit. 

Join us, Support for this project through sponsorship and charitable donations is integral for success and volunteers will be needed for regular nursery maintenance and care. Donate, become a CRFC volunteer or Adopt A Coral today.  Together, we are making a difference! 

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