The World’s 5 Best Diving Locations You Have to See to Believe

12 april 2018

The World’s 5 Best Diving Locations You Have to See to Believe

Guest post by Rachel Kerr

Did you know that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water? So, it’s no surprise that the keen divers among us want to explore what lies beneath the surface. Whether you’re thinking about diving in deep and exploring the ocean for the first time or you’re an experienced diver with an enthusiasm for exploring some of the best diving locations in the world, you’re in luck. This article lists 5 of the best diving locations worldwide that you have to see to believe. Check it out!

  1. Blue Corner – Palau, Micronesia

Blue Corner is one of the most wildlife-dense dive sites in the world and it is one of the most action-packed, too. Blue Corner promises divers the opportunity to see up to 13 different species of sharks and thousands of fish, including butterfly fish, turtles, anthias, and so much more! This fabulously diverse array of marine life is astounding and will have you catching your breath. 

When visibility is good in Blue Corner, it can range from 45-60 feet on an outgoing tide and 90+ feet on an incoming tide. On most days, you can view all the beauty around you from every direction on any given day. The ideal time to visit Blue Corner is during an incoming tide when you can easily drop into one of the Blue Hole sites and drift all the way down to Blue Corner in time for a show of fishes to present themselves. There really is nothing else like it and if you haven’t been, you should definitely experience the beauty of Blue Corner!

  1. Thistlegorm – Egyptian Red Sea

If you like exploring ship wrecks, Thistlegorm in the Egyptian Red Sea is the ultimate dive site for you! The Thistlegorm, a cargo ship, laid anchor in 1941 at what it thought was a safe location (today known as Shag Rock). However, the cargo ship sank after being hit by 2 bombs from a German bomber. All of the crew but 9 escaped as the Thistlegorm sank to the bottom of the sea, taking all its precious cargo with it.

Laying at a depth of 29 metres, the Thistlegorm can be found with all its cargo still inside, including tanks, aircrafts, jeeps, armoured vehicles, trucks and even pairs of wellington boots! The site offers so much to keen divers and is an extremely popular place for a night dive. There have been reports of divers encountering giant moray eels among the ships ruins, but you will also find marine life scattered throughout the wreck, including hawksbill turtles and schools of batfish to name a few! So, if you enjoy exploring ship wrecks, the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea is one to add to your diving list!

  1. The Yongala – Queensland, Australia

Australia is well-known for its beautiful scenery and stunning landscapes but something even more incredible lies beneath the oceans surface…The SS Yongala is considered by divers as one of the best ship wreck dive sites in the world. Once a luxury passenger steamship, the SS Yongala sank on route to Townsville during a cyclone and has since been viewed from far beneath the waves. Sadly, there were no survivors and the location of the ship was unknown for many decades.

Today, it can be viewed by divers all around the world and has a surviving reputation as one of Australia’s largest and most-intact ships wrecks available for scuba divers to explore. The SS Yongala is worthy of any scuba divers bucket list and is definitely a site that shouldn’t be missed. The Yongala has it all!

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for divers. One of the leading diving locations in the world, Costa Rica has the highest bio-diversity on the planet and while the mountainous landscapes attract thousands of people every year, the undersea world is not to be missed! Costa Rica offers prime diving conditions all year round, with the rainy season being particularly popular among experienced divers. If you would like to become an experienced diver, why not take scuba diving lessons in London to learn everything you can?

Diving in Costa Rica, you will find manta and eagle rays, turtles, white-tipped reef sharks, dolphins and hundreds of other beautiful marine animals. For the diving trip of a lifetime, dive in deep in Costa Rica!

  1. Diving in Curacao

The beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao is a stunning dive location. Brimming with vibrant coral reefs and impressive sunken ships, Curacao is a diver’s paradise. What makes Curacao even better for divers is that the waters here are warm all year round, making this a popular diving location for divers worldwide. The majority of Curacao’s dive spots are accessible from the shore – making this dive location a great place for divers of all skill levels. If you’ve been searching for a dive location with beautifully warm waters, incredible visibility and a huge variety of marine life, look no further than Curacao!

Have You Ever Dived Here Before?

Have you visited any of these dive sites before? If you haven’t, definitely add them to your list! And if you have dived in these incredible locations before, tell us and others all about it by leaving a comment below! We love hearing your dive stories and would enjoy reading your stories about visiting these incredible dive locations.

Author Bio

Rachel Kerr is a professional copywriter working for Oyster Diving, a small, independent and privately owned PADI Scuba Diving and Travel Centre for divers. Oyster Diving pride themselves in creating once-in-a-lifetime diving courses and holidays that are tailor-made for customers.