AWARE WEEK (Sept 15-Sept 23)

11 september 2018

Aware Week 2018

It must have happened to you, you’re enjoying your dive to the fullest and then suddenly you spot a piece of plastic or a fish line in between the corals. And you think to yourself, “That shouldn’t be there.”

Unfortunately there is still a lot of debris that ends up in the ocean and we’re trying to make sure that we take out as much of it as possible. You might have seen our free monthly clean up dives events on Facebook, or you might have seen us polish the “trees” in our Coral Restoration Foundation nursery;

That is another way how we are giving back to the ocean, we’re growing baby corals in our nursery and outplant them. In this way we’re trying to aid in reef restoration.

There is another threat in the waters of Curacao, and that is the invasive Lionfish. They eat the native fish species and they have no natural enemies here. The only way for us to control the population is to shoot them.

Project AWARE is all about conserving and celebrating the oceans and so are we. In the week from September 15, we specifically offer you more than a “regular” dive experience. We want to share our knowledge about the ocean with you. From Sept 15-Sept 23 we will offer the Dive Against Debris Specialty or the Fish ID Specialty for a special rate (only USD 127 excl. rental equipment, with 2 dives) and the Lionfish Tracker Specialty (only USD 160 excl. rental equipment, with 2 dives). Besides the Specialties we would also like to take you on a dive to our nursery. For this we ask a donation of USD 30 that goes to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

This is your chance to help us out, do something good for the ocean AND get an extra certification! Oh, and did I mention you earn your spot on our Wall Of Fame?!